Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red Alert 3

While I was working on the 2nd Magazine cover for Red Alert 3, I had an idea that if you put it together with the 1st Magazine Cover, it would create a full size poster image.

We wanted to create a Soviet Army propaganda poster for Red Alert 3. The end result had a style that was in between Propaganda, Pop Art, and Graphic Comic Book Art. It was also used as a magazine cover.
The RA3 Propaganda poster was a hit, and I was asked to do a version for the PC Gamer cover...
This one was started as a 'Get Well' card for a team mate. It was then used in Marketing, in game as a load screen, and also as a giant banner hanging in the halls of EALA.
This one was originally done for another magazine cover, and then it was altered a bit and used as the Box Art for the PS3 version of Red Alert 3...

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